This post is about fear, and I write this because honestly, fear is what I feel presently. Fear is a very broad term, because it includes and induces a vast variety of emotions. While I write this, what I feel is the fear of being judged. Of being mocked. At “starting to write a blog so late ?” At “can you even write ?” At “Do you even know how this works ?” To all those questions I’d say, it’s never too late to learn. And I’m not writing this for anyone, but for myself. To trick my mind into believing that I can write too. Do not worry too much, I’m not going to write about failed college romances, because there’s probably a word limit for posts, and I’d rather recommend Chetan for those.
I’m a wannabe philosopher and counsellor (this post is not completely about me, relax), wanting to understand other peoples’ minds, and what other people would do in their weird and not-so-weird situations. We’ve all been through the “What will XYZ think ?” question at some or the other point in our lives. What we often tend to overlook is the fact that “it’s XYZ which matters and not what they will think”. This statement could be very deep, but what I’m trying to say here, I shall explain with a few examples. This is a very local example, of a girl wearing a short dress in a conservative Indian family. The girl wears the dress, giving priority to ‘What will “the cute guy” think?’ rather than ‘What will “the eve-teaser” think’. Here, the first question instils a lovely anticipation filled fear, while if the second is given preference, a criminal offence can be prevented, just as a precautionary measure, because of the fear. Now, she could also think about her own father,as to what would he think, but that would only come in her way of impressing the cute guy. Instead, here, her father thinks about protecting her from the eve-teaser and her mother doesn’t care about any cute guy, but only wonders ‘What will “society” think’ ?
So here all I’m trying to put across is the point that we shouldn’t be afraid of being judged. Instead, we should just try to prioritize the people who influence our lives and worry about how our decisions would affect us, and them. If you’re thinking about any external factors, and hesitating to take any steps because some unknown person will judge you, believe me, it wont change anything for that person, but it will, for you. I really don’t care for anyone saying that this post is useless. Nothing is useless, I learnt something by writing this, if it doesn’t appeal to the reader, it’s not a commendable one, not a useless post. And obviously, I respect you for giving my words your time, and reading through this, and pardon me for any errors, because I’m forever learning.